Signs of Depression

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Signs of Depression

Depression is more than just a state of being sad; this kind of feeling also greatly affects the individual’s family. You will notice that a depressed person will normally stay in his room alone and shut himself off from communication with his family members. This will cause the individual family members to be worried about what action this person can do. Usually, this happens when someone you love dies, fails to pass in school, can’t handle too many workloads, breaks up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.

Sadness and grief are emotions that are normal to human beings. It’s just how the body reacts and copes to different circumstances that contribute to life’s stressors. Typically, most people will heal in time and then revert to their natural selves. Mentally mature persons suffer less stress from the same event they have encountered compared to the weaker ones. The problem is that when sadness and grief do not go away, even time passes, and it starts to disrupt the person’s way of living, it is no longer normal. It becomes a mood disorder called depression.

The common signs of depression, as you can see, shows a lack of interest in any activity, being restless, having slowed movements, poor concentration, cannot decide well, being easily annoyed, and worst case is having thoughts of suicidal acts. Other signs of depressions that are not obvious to others are weight changes, inability to feel pleasure known as anhedonia, loss of sexual desire, insomnia, oversleeping, and guilt about something they cannot control. Depressed individuals will also experience anger, anxiety, fear, confusion, and hopelessness, worthlessness, and shame. Others even have hallucinations.

Depression can be a severe illness if not properly treated, leading to death on too many occasions. Suppose you are concerned about a friend or a loved one. Spend quality time with them, talk to them about how they feel, and ask them how you can help them overcome this kind of problem.

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