Prenatal Depression

Prenatal Depression

Women go through tremendous physical and psychological changes throughout the childbearing period. Hormonal changes start as soon as the mother finds out about her pregnancy. As a result, it is very common for women to experience mood swings during pregnancy. Most of the time, these changes last for a considerable period and shape depression. When a woman experiences depression during pregnancy, it is known as prenatal depression.

Prenatal depression has been connected with negative perinatal effects, such as premature delivery and weaker fetal development rates, both harmful for the mother and the baby. Also, women who are depressed will encounter problems in the nutritional areas due to difficulties with sleeping and exercise. Other activities that contribute to depression during pregnancy are alcohol taking and cigarette smoking; both increase the severity of depression a lot.

There can be many causes of prenatal depression, depending on the individual to individual. Symptoms of prenatal depression are similar to regular depression, like, mood swings, liking loneliness, unhappiness, hopelessness, etc. You can even sense nervousness for no motive. Lack of interest in activities, for example, preparing for the baby, is typical for women with prenatal depression. Many of these women discover it hard to focus on daily work and take a long time to finish a process they used to complete within a few minutes.

Depression during pregnancy can be treated with the help of psychological counseling and emotional support. Relaxation methods and meditation will help to cope with depression. A good diet will also help to raise the mood of a depressed woman during pregnancy. Talk to your partner about the changes your baby will bring to your life. Spending quality time together with your husband, family and friends will help you cope with stress. Explore yourself and find the reasons for your unhappiness. Try to be happy that you are about to be a mother. Prepare for your motherhood in a variety of ways. Professional help is really important here and was proven to be extremely beneficial.

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