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Folks have been afraid of mental depression for years. When you infuse the word mental into any illness it encourages some to believe that one has lost their mind. This is of course untrue. Mental depression is a mental illness but it does not mean that you are crazy. Drop the mental illness stereotypes. It can be cured, and mental depression does not make a person some type of sub human.

Mental depression attacks about 15 million Americans each year. But they’re concerned about their image so only one third of them seek help. Your health has to be the primary concern. Wishing away mental depression doesn’t work. This illness will not be ignored. It affects anyone without warning. Race and faith don’t matter. Money means nothing to it. It does not care if you are young or old. The affliction has no limits. Treatment is greatly helped by early detection. But the signs of mental depression aren’t easy to spot. Everyone is down from time to time. Mental depression isn’t a short term problem.

There are a variety of symptoms that may indicate mental depression. Those that are suffering may tend to become loners. Fun experiences may no longer be fun. Sleeplessness and insomnia are common. The eating habits may change. Dealing with others becomes a chore. Feelings of hopelessness may arise, and despair results. Emotional and physical state will show signs of decay. They can be suffering from mental depression and not even realize it. Sometimes we have to realize it for them.

Depression has many causes. Stress can be a key. Stress itself is complex. There is stress in relationships, stress at work and stress about the ability to provide for your family. There is also stress from losing someone you love. It is also believed that mental depression is passed on through the genes.


There are many possible causes of depression. But many possibilities exist for treatment. Psychotherapy in which people discuss their problems is effective. Prescription drugs and natural herbs can also work. Mental depression is a disease that can be cured if treated.

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