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All the many types of depression are known as medical problems. Depression is comprised of many stages of illness. They can range from mild depression, Bi-polar disorders or manic depression, all the way up to major depression. Depression is a real illness. It’s a mental disease, but a disease nonetheless. It is a disease that affects one of the bodily organs. Depression doesn’t make a person a lesser person. It does not place you in a category that is stereotyped as weird or nuts. It simply means that you have an illness that requires treatment.

Early depression is hard to detect. People get sad sometimes. People can become sad for a variety of reasons. This alone does not constitute depression. Short term negative feelings aren’t depression. Depression is an illness that will stay with you on a consistent basis. Sadness that sticks around for months, and that touches every aspect of life is depression . Mood shifts, happy one second sad the next, are outward signals of depression. If you can’t sleep or you eat too little or too much, that means depression.

The cause of medical depression is sometimes complicated. It leaves open many possibilities and factors that must be taken into consideration. Depression is known to be caused by stress. We experience stress each day. Stress is part of personal interaction. Stress comes from balancing the books. The stress of raising children in today’s society can bring on medical depression. Some forms of medical depression come on after losing a loved one. It becomes even more complex when you consider biological and environmental factors, as well as DNA.

The positive result is that there are cures for medical depression. 17 million people nation wide are affected with medical depression yearly. 2/3 of those will never seek medical attention. Without diagnosis there can’t be a cure. Talk therapy as well as medications and natural herbs can treat it.

Support groups where people can talk about the problem with other sufferers are also there to help. It’s not wise to go it alone when dealing with medical depression. It will not heal itself. Consult a doctor if you or someone you know shows signs of medical depression.

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