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Manic Depression is another name for Bi-Polar. This is associated with unusual and quick switches from a good mood to a sour mood. Depression has many forms. This is one of them. Manic depression isn’t just having negative feelings over a negative event. Manic depression is more serious than that. Another stage of depression is the diagnosis for bi-polar disorder. In America millions of people each year are told they are afflicted with manic depression. Depression of some form touches 17 million Americans annually.

Unfortunately only about1/3 of those will be diagnosed and receive help. When the sufferer refuses aid, there can be no cure. A lot of people refuse to deal with any disease called a mental illness. They do not want to be stereotyped as one who must be out of their mind. Brain diseases are generally quite complex. The stigma of a diagnosis is a hard pill to swallow. But it’s not a sign of being less when this disease is diagnosed. You’re not crazy. You have a condition like any other medical condition. It can be treated. First it has to be identified.

All forms of depression are still being studied by doctors and researchers. There are many factors that bring on depression. It’s well known that consideration must be given to chemical factors, a person’s surroundings, and even their genes. A chemical imbalance in the brain helps cause it. Depression is also brought about by stress. Life is full of stress. Work related issues or the dynamics of a dysfunctional family can create it. Both the rich and the poor contract it. It doesn’t care about race. No racial group is less likely to contract this disease.

The symptoms for all forms of depression are quite similar. Dramatic shifts in personality and up and down mood swings are some. Depression can result in insomnia. If you have no hope, feel helpless or desperate, that could be depression. Depression is real when it interferes with your ability to live your life. But the depression afflicted have hope. There is assistance.


There are medicines both prescribed and natural that can offer a cure. Psychotherapy can also help. Support groups can also be helpful for those with manic depression. There can’t be a cure until help is sought.

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