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Clinical Depression

In one of my previous articles, I covered the different types of Depression, and now let’s dive into major depressive disorder, also known as clinical Depression. Major Depression seems to run in some families from generation to generation, but it can also affect people who have no family history of the illness. A persistent feeling...

10 Free Tips

How to Treat Depression and 10 Free Tips

Many people who suffer from depression are at the same time anxious. People that feel anxiety also feel an undefined fear are anxious and tense. There may be obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, insomnia, palpitations, sweating. If, in addition, you have feelings of sadness and helplessness and such events, then very likely you suffer from depression...

Natural Cures

Natural Cures for Depression 2022

Natural Cures for Depression Many forms of depression inflict people of all ages. Natural cures for depression exist; however, you have to target the specific type of depression that you’re prone to. Not all-natural cures for depression are recommended for everyone. Treatment for Depression Medicine does a decent job treating depression. Antidepressants alter the chemicals...

Electro Shock

Electro Shock Treatment for Depression

When medications fail to relieve the symptoms of clinical depression, there are other options to try, one of which is through electroshock. Despite the lack of recognition of electroshock treatment, this therapy is still used by Canadian psychiatrists to treat major depression. However, critics argue that the procedure used to treat drug-resistant depression in the...

Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Depression in the Elderly

Treatment of depression in older people is generally the same as younger people. Most older patients respond well to the same pharmacological treatments, such as antidepressants, social support, counseling groups, and therapy. In addition, one therapy that is effective for older people with severe depression is electroconvulsive or electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). People with more severe...

Ketamine Cures Severe

Ketamine Cures Severe Depression Instantly

A few years ago, when it was discovered that a single dose of Ketamine – a drug known as Special K could cure depression instantly in some patients in just a few hours, rather than six or more weeks of commonly prescribed antidepressants to take effect. This is being done at the National Institute of...


Treatment for Depression During Menopause

Based on studies, women approaching menopause will experience a high risk of developing symptoms of depression because of the hormonal changes that are more likely to occur in perimenopausal years. During perimenopause, estrogen levels gradually decline, which some studies suggest may trigger depression. To be sure, a study has been made wherein researchers went after women’s progression to...


factsvhinz Elderly Caregivers Are At Risk for Depression

Studies have shown in America today that caregivers of elderly and sick patients are at increased risk of having depression because of high levels of perceived stress, poor quality of sleep, and burden. This burden can include financial strain, home confinement, changes in the relationship with the care recipient, noncompliance of the patient, demands of caring for the patient,...


Types of Depression?

In previous articles, I have defined depression, its possible causes, and what it can lead to – if left untreated or without giving the individual the correct medical attention they need. We will try to identify the different types of depression because there is not just one type of depression, but it can be classified...

Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression

Depression is more than just a state of being sad; this kind of feeling also greatly affects the individual’s family. You will notice that a depressed person will normally stay in his room alone and shut himself off from communication with his family members. This will cause the individual family members to be worried about what...