Bad News on TV and Newspaper can cause Depression

Did you know that watching television can cause depression?  Yes! It is, but how? To be specific when you watch current news that shows

Depression and Inflammation, are they connected?

According to the latest research, Inflammation can be link for causing Depression. For your information, Inflammation occurs when your body attempt at self-protection, it’s like

Cannabis in Small Amount Likely to Relieve Depression

While searching for a possible treatment for depression, I’ve found this recent research study about marijuana, medical marijuana, or cannabis whatever they called it

Richard Blackwood Battle with Depression

Richard Blackwood, EastEnders actor has opened up about his struggle with depression after he was bankrupt 12 years ago. He also said that he

Steve Montador who had a History of Depression Found Dead in His Home

Steve Montador was a former NHL defenseman who had a history of depression was found dead in his home Mississauga, Ontario on Sunday according

Teens Playing Video Games Can Reduce Depression

According to new research, teenagers playing casual video games can help reduce their depression by improving mental health at the same time relieving stress. 

Sleep when Depressed, Too much sleep cause Depression?

While searching for articles about the connection of Sleep and Depression, I’ve found some online resources that Sleeping for the right duration which is

Depression Can Ruin a Man’s Sex Drive?

I’m writing about this topic today as I have read on some medical related blogs specially on depression blogs that being depressed can ruin

3 Bottles of Beer can Help Fight Depression

When every time my friends are depressed on their job, they always go into my place to chill. At first I didn’t get it

Life is Hard, But We Should Keep on Moving Forward

It’s been a year since I have updated this blog and sorry about that. I’ve just realized that I should keep this blog alive